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2022-23 Winter Season

To participate in any of our Winter Season Divisions, you must have an active Mavericks membership and an active USA Wrestling LIMITED FOLKSTYLE card.

To register for the Winter Season, please click on the appropriate infographic below.

To obtain a USA Wrestling card, CLICK HERE (please see our USA Wrestling Quick Reference Guide by clicking here).



The 2022-23 Winter Season will run from Monday, 11/14/2022 through Sunday, 3/12/2023.

There are three divisions offered for the 2022-23 Winter Season (see infographics below):

  • Mini-Mavericks: Pre-K through 1st grade wrestler.
  • Junior League: 2nd through 9th grade wrestlers (9th grade wrestlers must not have high school wrestling experience).
  • High School: 9th through 12th grade wrestlers.

 When you register for the 2022-23 Winter Season, it is expected that:

  • Junior League wrestlers and parents understand Mavericks Wrestling is their home club for local, league, state, and national events during the Winter Season.
  • Junior League wrestlers and parents understand attending practice is mandatory to participate in season events.
  • All wrestlers (or their parents) will check into every practice.
  • All wrestlers will follow the Wrestlers Expectations.
  • All parents will follow the Parents Expectations.