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Eco Cool HVAC

Eco Cool HVAC photo Eco Cool HVAC

Eco-Cool HVAC is a veteran-owned and operated HVAC business based in Harford County and serves Baltimore and Cecil Counties in Maryland. We are people of our words and provide sustainable, environmental responsible high-quality heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and commercial refrigeration services and solutions to Harford County and surrounding regions.

Eco-Cool HVAC offers residential and commercial services for Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Pool Heaters and Indoor Air Quality Products. To feel comfortable all year long, you need an all around combination of heating and cooling equipment designed to fit your particular needs. That’s why Eco-Cool HVAC technicians are trained to factor in home & building sizes, insulation, windows, climate, utility costs, allergies or other conditions to create a complete system that fits your lifestyle.